C S Canine Behaviour Training

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About Us

Christine has worked with a variety of animals over the last 25 years including dogs, horses, small pets and even birds of prey. With a BSc(hons) in Applied Psychology and MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour & Training she is now concentrating on helping the canine population and is well equipped to help with any behaviour issues your dog may have developed.

Christine recommends a holistic approach to understanding your dog, considering all factors eg health, environment, daily management before advising on a progressive plan to help overcome the issues a partnership is experiencing.

Christine is an advocate of reward based training and believes guiding your dog to make the right decision which is then rewarded is the best way to ensure your relationship develops into one of mutual respect, trust and affection. After all, your dog will hopefully be your close companion for a number of years, it needs to be right!

Christine works on veterinary referral and is happy to liaise with your vet should it be necessary to ensure all aspects of your dog’s wellbeing are met.

A variety of packages are offered depending on the severity of the problem, please click the link below to find information on the available packages.

In addition to offering behaviour consultations Christine is also available to assess dogs for children fostering and adoption agencies providing a full report on her recommendations. Please click the link below for further information.